Saturday, June 05, 2010

The Big Day

Probably the most exciting event in Tessa's little life, dance recital! I have to say that Tippy Toes recital was pretty amazing as far as children's performances go. Especially some of the older dancers, blew me away.

It also had a theme (two actually, one for tap and one for ballet) and was well orchestrated. I saw very few snaffoos or meltdowns backstage, and a whole lot of cuteness onstage.

Getting her makeup and hair done. I thought we had done a serious beauty regime until I saw some of the 'pageant girls' backstage in wigs and stage makeup. Even in the baby class! No took me enough hairspray just to get her bangs off her face (per recital rules)

little bro thought it was all very silly

The first half was tap dancing, with a 'Candyland' theme. All VERY cute songs with candy, sweets or ice cream in the title. The high school girl's rendition of "Sweet Escape" from Gwen Stefani was so awesome, I just sat there with my mouth agape.

Tessa danced to the song "Lollipop" and unlike most of the rehearsals, she actually danced! I think something finally clicked that all that practicing had been for this big show and she did NOT stand there and pick her nose like she did at her Christmas program. I was so impressed!! (don't tell but Daddy got a little choked up more than once)

The ballet portion was Princess stories and Tessa was one of Sleeping Beauty's bluebirds. She did great on this part as well. In these pics she is the one all the way on the right.

This was the grand finale bow, she's standing right next to Sleeping Beauty (aka Miss Allison)

She got a medal and wanted to wear it to bed. Mommy said no but she is wearing it this morning in her pjs. She also got a rose from Mamaw and Papaw and kept showing it off saying 'look at my gift, my gift!'

No performance would be complete without a late night treat like ice cream.

I'm so proud of her, our future star!


TLS said...

shhhhh.....I was sitting with Jeremy and he got choked up too!! :)

Stephany said...

oh my god I'm teary eyed just reading this and seeing the pictures, pure cuteness and wonder!!!