Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Sonnet....or something

Ode to Erin
Trusted friend of 20 years
through all the changes, laughs and tears
Babysitter of my kids
and they love you so
Mommy get some sanity time, and drops you a little dough

You're funny and loud
of your life you should be proud
You might become a nurse
or who knows, maybe drive a hearse (?)

I'm glad you're marrying Rafe
and that today we ate your birthday cake
Happy friend stay strong
can't wait to sing your new baby a purty song

Charley ate his first bite of red velvet cake but my flippin' battery died! Oh and I hope that this poem isn't so good that everyone wants one about them. I would have brush up on my poetry skills.

1 comment:

erin said...

Aww, thanks friend! I had a great time!
Love, Aunty Erin
p.s. poor Cinderella looks like she had an autopsy. Maybe you should cover her with a tiny sheet and put her in the freezer :) haha.