Thursday, October 08, 2009

First Day of 'School'

I feel the need to use parentheses when saying 'school' because it's not actually a preschool. It's the Parent's Day Out program at the church down the road, but they do use a Christian Preschool curriculum so from now on let's just call it school!

Today was Tessa's first day, from 10am-2pm. We had visited on Tuesday once the director let me know they had one spot open for the 2 year class. There are 10 kids in her class and they do all sorts of cool stuff. Can you believe when we were there the other day they were starting the day with the pledge of allegiance?...the 2 year olds!

The teacher said today they were starting Christmas songs for the program in December. Singing Christmas songs in October?..sounds like PMO all over again.

I had fun packing her lunch. You have to understand, this in uncharted territory for me. Today was the first day I've ever taken her anywhere and then LEFT. I mean she goes to the church preschool, but I'm still in the building. What a big step for us!

Anyway they requested cold finger foods, no peanut butter (for allergies). Like most things I over-thought it until I decided to make her cracker sandwiches with some leftover cheeseball from yesterday's MOPs. So she got 6 cracker sandwiches, some grapes, fruit leather and a milk pouch. Her lunch bag came back empty so it must have been a hit!

So each kid brings a lunch bag and a backpack with a change of clothes and diaper just in case. She wore underpants and came back dry and in the same clothes, so she must have gone potty with her teacher.

All last night and this morning and even after school when we were driving home she asked about the airplanes. She definitely now equates carrying her backpack with flying somewhere. I kept saying... no we're not flying in an airplane, you take you backpack to school.

This is what she does when you tell her to make a scary face

checking out her backpack in the reflection

So you may wonder what did Charley and I do? Well Charley isn't feeling too hot (teeth) and took a big nap during alot of the time she was gone. I used my child free time as a cleaning maniac. Racing against the clock, I was able to wash linens and towels, dust, do windows, scrub bathrooms and toilets and vacuum.

It's seriously amazing what I can get done with just a little time and no kids. And it's the greatest feeling that the house is CLEAN and I don't have any chores hanging over my head. I feel freed!

Of all these wonderful things I have to say the most awesome, most impressive part is that the Parent's Day Out is only $14 per week...........................................Sorry, I'm back. I was just doing my happy dance around the office.


Cindy said...

Oh my gosh - she looks all grown up! Did she say she had a good time? And a Christmas program?
Woo hoo!

TLS said...

Too cute!!!

Stephany said...

will you pack my lunches for me laura dear??

Eva said...

My favorite part of this post was singing Christmas songs in October-thanks PMO! :)