Thursday, October 29, 2009

Catching Up

I realize that it's almost the weekend again but I neglected to post some pics from last weekend's visit to the farm. Just went to visit and was perhaps a little bit motivated by the rumor of the world's best dessert, persimmon pudding.

The kids and I are on our way down there again tomorrow to go to the Hayden elem. Halloween party and hopefully (rain permitting) catch the Boyd pumpkin display all lit up.

Charley hung out with Dad

And Mom (can you maybe tell what he had been doing right before the pic?)
And rode in style on my back for a walk around the pond
and visited his great-Mamaw

Tessa played with one of her favorite cousins, Ashley. They found doll furniture..
sported hoodies
pretended to nap without ever actually napping
and played dressup with some of Ashley's old clothes

And everybody ate!

1 comment:

Stephany said...

I saw persimmons in our market last week and immediately thought of you and my first taste of Persimmon Pudding at your house that wonderful fall that you and blythe and I spent visiting North Vernon in College.

Ahhhh good times!