Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Infamous Monkey Tails

Anyone who's been around our house lately might have been asked to play monkey tails. And of course the normal reaction would be....what the heck is that? It's Tessa's absolute favorite part of dance class. During the tap portion of class they put on tails and do a conga line.

On dance class day the things she talks about the most are her tights, shoes, her teacher, and doing monkey tails.

She's a little smitten with her teacher. All the way there she talks about Allison and saying 'hi Allison, I missed you' and giving her a hug. And today she even asked 'Allison missed Tessa?'. All this conversation occurs in the car, but when we arrive at the studio, she won't say a single word to the teacher, of course.

She does talk to the other girls, alot...a little too much at times. She's apparently a social butterfly.

For you viewing pleasure, monkey tails caught on tape. Excuse the shoddy camera work. A certain sideline cheerleader was trying to eat my camera.

Dance Class- Monkey Tails from Laura Sargent Bennington on Vimeo.


TLS said...

Fun stuff!!

Stephany said...

ok that is way cute!