Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rainy Day at the Museum

Well the Indy zoo has this really cool event called the zoo boo and Jeremy had the day off yesterday so we were all going to go. Problem? was raining all day! So we ended up at the Children's Museum which was still fun because Jeremy's never been.

Tessa is always up for a trip to see the dinosaurs but m an oh man was it crowded. The Haunted House, closing of King Tut and FFA convention makes for one crazy afternoon trying to find parking.

We skipped the Haunted House but it had a huge line. But we saw some of the new stuff, the Egypt exhibit and the not so new Chihooly glass.

We didn't stay for but an hour and a half, then left for a sushi dinner. In retrospect we should have gone to the loud and bustling sushi place, not the quiet and romantic like one. I'm pretty sure Tessa's loud antics ruined the mood, and I even had to take her outside once to have some words with her. But she ate 5 sushi rolls and some edamame so all in all a good time was had by all.

Will we get to the zoo boo? Unlikely at this point. Oh well, next year!


Stephany said...

Oh Jeremy - she got you to pose for a picture - how nice is that?! :)

The Patterson Family said...

We wanted to go as well, but all that rain...our goal is to go next year as well. Grace hasn't even been to the zoo! Maybe we can all go together next year.