Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Convo with Tessa

Me- you know tomorrow is school day
Tessa- school?!!
Me- yes with your friends and teacher
Tessa- Miss Cindy??
Me- Yes
Tessa- Cindy missed Tessa too?
(she keeps getting missed and Miss confused)

Me- so tonight we will take a big long snooze and wake up in the morning and have...
Tessa- ....CAKE?
Me- uh, no..breakfast. And then we'll get dressed...
Tessa- and cake?
Me- no, no cake but there's a fall party at school
Tessa- happy day, it's Tessa's happy day?
Me- no it's not your happy birthday
Tessa- sing Mommy, sing happy day to TESSA!

1 comment:

Stephany said...

adam and i love this!!!
cake should be the first thing we all have in the morning.