Thursday, October 01, 2009

Happy Happy, Mommy's Happy!

I just got off the phone with the church down the road and they said they could squeeze Tessa into the 2 year old class for Parent's Day Out.

So she'll go every Thursday from 10am-2pm and it's basically a Christian Preschool curriculum. Best thing is, it's only $56 per month! She will take her lunch and follow this curriculum (snatched from their website):


• Free Play
• Computer Lab (ages 4 and 5)
• Music (ages 3-5)
• Spanish (ages 2-5, first semester - optional)
• Prayer Time (all ages)
• Circle Time (ages 2-5)
• Lunch (all ages)
• Gym Time (ages 2-5)
• Playground Time (weather permitting) (ages 3-5)
• Crafts (ages 2-5
• Bible Time (ages 2-5) * Little Hands to Heaven curriculum

Spanish? Crafts? Bible Time? Oh man she's going to love and *I* love it cause I know it will be good for her.

Thursdays is cleaning day around here but this works so well because I can drop her off, come back home and throw Charley in the jumper and scrub the place down. It's so much easier to clean when she's not underfoot. It also doesn't interfere with stroller aerobics, MOPs or dance class.

Can you tell I'm excited? We start next Thursday. My baby's first day of 'school'! Bwah!

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Cindy said...

My goodness, you are a busy mommy! It sounds like a real neat program. I'm sure Tessa will be more advanced than the other 2 year olds :-) I have been hinting to Lana to check on the Parent's Day Out at the church close to where they live.