Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cause You Wanted to See More Dance Pics, Right?

In case you wondered what Charley did during dance class. He sits in the holding area with me (behind the white picket fence) and oggles at the girls.

I took lots of pics today because I had to show off Tessa's new dance outfit and brag on my friend Abbie who made it for us. You've seen her work on the blog before. She has an online store that Mommies of little girls should all visit. It's super cute girly stuff! So we had the purple leotard but it was pretty boring by itself, so she made us a tutu and three coordinating hair bows for only $12 (including shipping) Rock on right? So that's my official plug, here's her store: http://www.missyprissybowboutique.com/

Stretching on the fridge before class

doing chenay turns...no I don't know how to spell that

Trying to rest after class and not get her picture taken

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Cindy said...

Cute! Did you share the Web address with the other mom's at class?