Thursday, October 22, 2009


How many times have I written on this blog that I need to lose weight? Probably 37 times, would be my guess.

And yet with the stress of potty training, adjusting to two kids and Jeremy's hefty travel schedule over the summer, weight watchers slid right off my plate. Right off my plate and onto the ground where it crashed in a mountain of burritos and egg mcmuffins.

Ah and I continue to have blood sugar problems and low energy and remain completely incompetent at crossing my legs. Woe is me. So I went back to my doctor to complain again and after a routine blood test to determine I'm basically normal, he referred me to a dietitian at St. Francis.

We had our first meeting yesterday and it was really good. She didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. Yes I need to eat more cause I'm nursing, but more of the right things (more carrots not more triscuits). She gave me a food journal to fill out, which we decided I should do each night for the next day.

One thing is for sure, the polarity of our food mentality around here has to stop. Currently it's either something slow cooked from our garden that takes all day, or taco bell. There HAS to be a happy medium, especially when Jeremy travels.

So I ventured into new territoy. Last week I bought my first frozen lasagna, and today I bought my first bag of frozen vegetables. Yes my first. Even better...I orderded a bunch of stuff from Schwan's healthy menu to be delivered (Jeremy about snorted coffee through his nose when I suggested it). I'm setting forth to usher in a new era, wish me luck!

I feel compelled to let you into our most personal space, the fridge and show of all of my diet food.

This is called a Steamer (excuse the perplexingly sideways picture- I can't fix it). 45 cals for 1 cup of broccoli with cheese and you literally heat in the microwave? I can't quite wrap my head around this, excited to try it.

Look at all the FOOD! I even got the pre-packaged carrot sticks with a tiny little dippy things. I know, plastic waste and more expensive that buying a bundle of carrots and peeling and chopping them yourself. Yada yada. That's exactly the point- I haven't been doing that.

The middle shelf is dedicated to frozen vegetables. I hope I have room when the Schwan's delivery comes!
The pantry in all it's glory.


Cindy said...

Oh, the Schwan's Man will love you :-) I buy the steam in the bag veggies all of the time. They are all very good! We use our Crock Pot a lot. Tomorrow we are making a big pot of vegetable soup!

phasejumper said...

My favorite fast and low WW point lunch is one of those serving size pkg of cottage cheese with 11 pretzel crisps. I give Will the mini carrots all the time, but I just buy a bag of the baby carrots and pour out some fat free ranch dressing for him. Love the idea of documenting your freezer, fridge and cupboard...might have to steal that! Good luck!