Thursday, October 01, 2009

Arts and Crafts

One of my resolutions continues to be to do more interactive art/learning things with Tessa. We try but we hit and miss.

I found a new blog that I really like called "No Time for Flashcards". It's all kind s of easy art things for toddlers, including cute letters of the week made out of construction paper and other things.

We've been trying to do a letter of the week although we have admittedly missed a few weeks. Tessa loves making the letters and then we practice their sound all week (she's a master of A and W, as you saw in the last video)

Why are our letters out of order? Because I've been picking cute ones at random. I've decided we should start going in order so we get them all.

See apple A, button B, fishy F and watermelon W! (thanks Becky for the leftover buttons from our sock puppet project)

Jeremy had given Tessa an empty oatmeal tube to play with and I had divine inspiration...a princess house! Yes I know technically princesses live in a castle but if you think I'm that crafty, you've got me all wrong. Maybe Jeremy can make a castle using his engineering skills. Better keep eating oatmeal.

Perfect size for her mini princess dolls, complete with an opening door, grass, windows, a mail box and a backyard featuring a dog and tree.

And a glittery rooftop
You can sorta see in the picture that Tessa shoved a coaster inside which is a perfectly sized area rug.

She is already wanting me to add an upstairs and make Sleeping Beauty a bed. This may be beyond my means today but perhaps a whole shoebox village is in order?


Woods Branch Farm......... said...

These little guys love empty boxes - our two little girls were here last evening and raided my shipping boxes - made rooms for their doll furniture. They're happy, mamaw's happy!

Mamaw Creech

The Patterson Family said...

Have you checked out
also, we just ordered the leap frog called the letter factory. We ordered it from Amazon but I think that Target has it. I would highly recommend it.