Sunday, November 01, 2009


What a fun time we had! As you saw last week Tessa had a beautiful Snow White dress made by her Mom-Mom which she totally loves. Her little friend Olivia was planning to go as Cinderella so we decided they should go together in our neighborhood.

Why oh why wasn't I smart and creative enough to make Charley a dwarf or prince? Well I just wasn't, sorry people. It didn't even cross my mind really. We had a hand me down chicken outfit from our friend Traci that fit him perfectly so that was that- free and cute!

On our front porch ready to go. At first she didn't know what was going on but she had practiced trick or treating to the Hayden Elem classrooms (stay tuned for a post on that) so it didn't take long to catch on. By about house number three she was on the move, running down the sidewalk from place to place saying 'dis way Via, dis way!'

As we progressed her manners were a little faulty too. We went from 'trick or treat' to 'I want one TOO, THAT one'. I was proud that she said thank you every time though, that's my girl.

Charley the chicken

Snow White and Cinderella having a great time. They even stopped for a little leaf fight.

Now once Charley started to get heavy and squirmy I told Jer to run back and get a stroller and blanket...and he came back with the pink stroller and Tessa's flowery pink blankey from the car. So Charley is not only a chicken here, but apparently also a girl . Two different people saw us walking and said 'oh she's so cute!'. Again to be clear, Jeremy's fault not mine.

We were out for about 45 min until we all got cold and came home. Happy Halloween!

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phasejumper said...

too funny about your "girl"! Love the last picture especially.