Tuesday, August 18, 2009

State Fair

Today we joined my friend Traci and her two kids (who you've seen on the blog before) at the Indiana State Fair! It was a really great day to go. With school back in session here it wasn't very crowded at all (note to self for future years). It was, however, very hot and humid. We got in a couple hours of good fun before little people started to melt.

Watching the cloggers, the girls were apparently not impressed

We visited animals in two different petting areas. Tessa went nuts for all the cows, sheep and goats. She got to feed some goats and was squealing and laughing like a madwoman.
Mattie and Tessa checking out the lambs
Bryce fed some goats too

The babies were so cute! I wonder, would it be against our homeowners agreement to have pigmey goats? I love them!

Tessa had her first corn dog. She ate a few bites and wasn't all that impressed. Mostly she spilled ketchup all over her white shirt. Silly Mommy dressing her in white for the fair.

Eventhough it's not my kid, I think I might have to call this the cutest picture ever.

The girls also rode ponies. They asked if she would be scared and need me to walk around with her, and of course she wasn't. I saw her gabbing at the horse lady all around the track and could only imagine she was saying something like 'I riding horsey, big horsey, I ride!!'....that's my guess.

Charley was there too but didn't do anything too interesting. Mostly he was hot and fussy and slept.

We do, however, want to give props to the Indiana Milk Bank for the 4 'lactation stations' they had setup. They were enclosed tents with rocking chairs, big fans and ice water specifically for moms who needed to nurse. Rock on! If only ever event or attraction we went to had a lactation station...much easier than a hot park bench or car.

The ride home....ketchup stained shirt, scraped knee and sweaty hat hair. Signs of a good time in Indiana.

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