Sunday, August 23, 2009


I'm waiting until the bathroom is actually done and put together to post 'before and after' pictures...but I'll offer you this preview. Tessa helping Jeremy scrub up the new tile on the floors in our closet.

Jeremy's been working on this for several weeks now. Like most project it was just supposed to take 'a couple of days', but with his busy travel schedule it had to be taken a chunk at a time. What was once nasty old carpet in the master bath and closet is now beautiful tile, and the mint green walls are now a warm butterscotch. Our friend Patrick, the tiling expert, came down for a couple of days and taught Jeremy everything about tiling.

I can't believe it's actually done! We've been talking about doing it since we moved in in 2005. Right now we just need to put the baseboards back on and clean up...everything is coated in 1 inch of mortar dust.

Last weekend was the brunt of the work. Patrick came for a couple of days and Jeremy also employed our friends Ron and Rafe and it was apparently a hardworking, backbreaking, male bonding weekend...then Jer hopped on a plane on Sunday night. Wanting to get out of the way, the kids and I hightailed it to North Vernon!

A little late but here are a couple of pics.

Tessa's (2nd) cousin Ashley was staying the weekend with Mamaw so they got to enjoy each other's company. Below is me trying to help Tess play hide and seek. She liked playing but obviously didn't understand the rules. She just ran around the house yelling 'I find you!'

Charley trying out Ashley's doll bed, and hanging with his great- Mamaw

Of course we ate well and Tessa tried velcro curlers. After using Mamaw's, I bought her some cause they stay so well. Too bad the curl only lasts like one hour.

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