Thursday, August 06, 2009

Diving Diva

Today was our last day of swim lesson. I'm a little sad cause I know how much she likes going to the pool even though it has been COLD this week following the big rain.

This week she put her head under every day and jumped off the side of the pool. Well much to my surprise today they offered life jackets and said anyone could jump off the diving board that wanted to, and also go down the water slide.

She loved the water slide. Some kiddos were scared of the slide, but not Tessa. She was very patient standing in line and kept asking 'Tessa's turn?'

She was a little more timid around the diving board but with Mommy's help down to the end of the board she jumped off TWICE! Actually I think we sort of stretch the definition of 'jumped in''s more accurate to say that Mommy threw her in a lifeguard caught her. But she wasn't scared and wanted to do it again!

After class we went with Erin (our pool side Charley sitter) to a Mexican restaurant to celebrate and Tessa succeeded in ruining one of her best dresses with black beans and ice cream sundae. What a good day!

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TLS said...

She's turning into a tadpole!