Monday, August 24, 2009

Charley's First Sickies

The poor babe has his first fever. This morning when he first woke up it was 102.5, then he threw up after nursing twice. So off to the docs we went! I was sure they were going to tell me he has an ear infection but apparently his ears are perfect. The doc says it's just a virus.

So baby tylenol and cuddling is the cure. Big sister has been especially 'two' today, maybe because Charley is getting extra attention. But at least she did well in the doctor's office with me. She put on latex gloves and told the doc she was a 'princess doctor'.

He just woke up in the other room, so I've got to run. Popcorn, Mad Men and baby cuddling is on the docket for this evening.

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erin said...

I sure hope charley babe feels better soon! Just give me a call when you need me. Rafe is using the computer a lot this week for class so I'm trying to limit my internet.

ps. we need to go shop soon. my last pair of fitting pants are getting tight!!! eeek!