Saturday, August 08, 2009


I have to get on here an plug my new favorite company, More Time Moms. They makes calendars and day planners specifically for Mom with room for checklists, to-dos and all that good stuff.

I haven't carried a day planner since college but I thought it was time to throw one in the diaper bag. I used to be alot better about remembering dates and times in my head but something (or some little people) have eroded my brain.

So I got all jazzed and ordered this, called "Mommy's little helper"..perfectly diaper bag sized.

I started writing in Tessa's dance classes and birthdays and whatnot and due to my erosion finally was 2010!!

Oh jeez. I'd love to be organized in 2010 as well but that doesn't help my for the rest of this year. And now I'm getting to the reason why I love this company. I emailed and told them my dilemma to see if they had any 2009 still for sale. Of course they didn't but a few days later the lady emailed me back and said she found a few in a box and she would send me one, FOR FREE!

Woohoo! I noticed it has Canadian holidays in it so it must be the Canadian version, but I don't really care. Because they were so sweet and accommodating I'm recommending that everyone should buy one!

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