Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Major Meijer Meltdown

We made a quick trip to Meijer today to pick up some WW bagels and hummus (my breakfast fixation of the moment) and a hand mixer to replace the stand up mixer I broke last week. So it was quick trip.

I spied a long sleeve fall dress that was super cute and snatched it up for Tessa (don't worry Jer it was only $11.99!). She was very excited and insisted on putting it on right there in the cart. She started to whine that she wanted to take her shirt off and put her new dress on and eventually her whining turning into crying and hollering...."Mommy shirt OFF...HELP...DRESS Mommy!"

Tessa hasn't been one prone to tantrums so I haven't been put in the situation too many times, but the gears in my Mommy brain were cranking. I reminded myself toddler is not in charge, Mommy is, and she was not going to wear the unpaid dress around the store. I simply want her to have self control and know that sometimes you have to be patient, right?

She sqealed, whined and started to cry loudly all while trying to get the dress on. I asked her to stop many times and finally grabbed both of her hands firmly and said "You may NOT wear your dress while we are in the store, if you continue to cry I will take the dress away" (all while thinking to myself...where exactly in the frozen foods section would I ditch this dress?). She completely understood what I said and hugged her dress quietly saying 'my dress, my dress' the rest of the way.

Well I thought we were going to get out of there unscathed until she said she had to potty. Now we have a deal at Meijer. She potties there, she rides the horse. This is the same every week and every week she usually potties.

I put her on the potty and she didn't go and jumped down. I asked her about 17 times, are you SURE you don't have to potty because that mean you CAN'T ride the horse. Nope, and there was no forcing her on the pot.

As we exited the bathroom I took a breath and braced myself, I knew exactly what was going to happen. Major meltdown hell broke lose as we walked past Sandy the motorized horse. Ears were pierced, people turned, the walls were shaking as we walked directly to the car and left. I think people in the parking lot thought a kid had gotten hit by a car or something as they all turned to see what would be making such a horrible scream.

Once she had collected her breath (at least 10 min later), I reminded her what had happened and why she could not ride Sandy. By the time we hit our subdivision she was dancing along to the radio.

And of course when we got home I found that she had wet her pants in the car.

Okay Mommies, how'd I do?


erin said...

oh laura, WELCOME! you have graduated! whatever you do don't worry about what the others think and don't break a pattern once you've given her an answer. that's it...don't change it. that is my sole piece of advice. other people will look at you for only two reasons, they know what it feels like and are having empathy or they don't understand and are judgemental arses! Remember, only God can judge you! I was also always told that "not right now" is taken better than "no" but I think sometimes no is necessary :) See you tomorrow!

Melissa said...

AWESOME JOB!!! I give you an A+++++!

Nevermind a little wet seat from the tantrum...chances are she probably didn't like feelin wet and won't do that next time!

Great Job mommy!

TLS said...

Sounds so familiar......:)