Monday, August 17, 2009

Crazy ABC's

Today was a momentous day! Not only did both kids nap at the same time (and so did I on our new comforter) which never happens, it's 9pm and Charley is already asleep. Woo-hoo! He's not a super night owl or anything but it's usually more like 10-10:30.

I'm tempted to stay up late surfing the web and catching up on blogging stuff, but have convinced myself to instead take a snack, a glass of the house wine, and camp myself upstairs on our new bedding to watch a rerun of House.

I will leave you with one other thing that made my day, however. I love the Barenaked Ladies, love them. If you asked me to name my favorite band that would be my automatic answer. We saw them in concert a couple of years ago and it was awesome....their music is melodic with great lyrics, they are funny onstage and most importantly they are Canadian! In case you're not familiar, no their music has nothing to do with nudity.

So I was SOO happy when they put out a children's album and it' doesn't disappoint. "Snacktime" has some really great singable stuff and of course it's funny.

I had a hard time choosing my favorite song lyrics to share...but I really have to go with 'crazy abc's'. Don't try to figure out the tune cause it's half singing half talking. I love it!

Hey Steve!
Hey Ed, that sounds nice, what is it?
Thank you, it’s an alphabet song I’m working on
Oh great, a whole new alphabet,
I just learned the old one.

A is for aisle
B is for bdelliums
C is for czar
And if you see him, would you mind telling him-

Okay, hang on a second, yeah aisle?
Yeah, aisle like a, like a theatre.
Alright, okay, and bdelliums?
Bdelliums, it’s a gum like tree resin, it starts with a silent B
And then czar?
Yeah, it’s uh- like a Russian czar.
You know, everyone knows apple ball and cat,
I wanted to get into some you know,
some stranger words.
Right, I see what you’re doing.

D is for djinn
E for Euphrates
F is for fohn, but not like when I call the ladies

I thought phone started with a “p” a “ph”
No its f-o-h-n, it’s a kind of wind
Yeah, I know what you mean by wind

G for Gnarly,
I for irk
H is for hour
J for jalapeƱos
Good in either corn or flour (tortillas…)
Nice rhyme
K is for knick-knack
L is for llama
[Crazy ABC's Lyrics on ]

Pramma, llama, ding - what’s so strange about llama?
Llama, its starts with two L’s
What’s the second one for?
No idea.
I know, loser.

N for neumonic
M is for mdomo
O is for ouija board
P for pneumonia pterodactyl and psychosis
Q is for qat

Okay, Q - qat? What?
Yeah it’s uh...q-a-t,
It’s an evergreen shrub
It’s a perfect scrabble word because it’s a q with no u,
There’s not many of those
You have too much time on your hands.

R is for R-gyle
No, it isn’t

Okay, you’re right; I couldn’t find a good “r” word

S is for Saar, a lovely German river
T for tsunami, a wave that makes me quiver
U is for urn, but not like earning money
V for vraisemblance from French,
And therefore kind of funny
W for wren, wrinkly, and who.
X is for Xian, an ancient Chinese city, true!

Ancient Chinese city, huh?
My guitar player, some hotshot.

Y is for yperite, a very nasty gas.
And zed’s the final letter
And by final, I mean last.

Okay, when you say zed,
For the benefit of our American friends
You really mean Z, right?
No I mean Zed, like, like Zed Zed Top.
Zed Zed Top?
Yeah, you know the guys with the big long beards
Well, except the guy whose name is Beard,
he has a mustache
I always thought that was interesting
You done with the alphabet?
No extra letters I haven’t heard of?
I think so.
Well this was a great help, I think, you know,
the contribution you made to world literacy
Well, I’m just saying, kids
I’m just saying
Think outside the box a little bit
Box with an “r”
Yeah, well, no, box with a b-a-l-k-s, like a pitcher.
Ahh, as opposed to b-a-c-h-s,
Right, think outside the “balks”

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