Tuesday, August 04, 2009

California and Chicago

I realize our trip to CA was two weeks ago but I'm a little behind on posting. You'll remember that I forgot the camera battery so I have no pics on our end, aside from the couple I took with Jeremy's phone... and I don't know how to get those on here.He'll have to hook that up for us, cause it worked with Tessa's dentist pictures.

We had a great time. Jeremy was there on business and Charley and I tagged along. We visited with some old friends, slept in and watched movies in the hotel and went out to eat with Jer every night. It was really relaxing to just not have to deal with the house, dogs, garden, etc... A change of scenery for old Mom! Charley did really great on the flights, with the exception of a couple of crying fits. It's so strange for me to just have to care for one baby, it's so easy!

Mom did have a bunch of pics of Tessa's stay in North Vernon and rather than post them all I will just direct you to the shutterfly page: http://share.shutterfly.com/share/received/album.sfly?sid=8AbsmrRo1ZuHXA&startIndex=0&fid=705181ab906eaacc

This past weekend we went to Chicago and DID take some pics. You'll remember me discussing my online friends and our April '07 online private forum. Well a few of us who live in the Midwest had a Chicago meetup. Even though I've known these ladies for 3 years this is the first time that I've met most of them in person.

We had alot of fun! Jeremy came along and while I think he thought we'd be a bunch of crazy internet addicted weirdos, he was pleasantly surprised by how nice everyone was and how much fun he had! There were even two other husbands there, one of whom was a pilot Jeremy knew from flying through O'Hare so much.

On the way there we forgot about the time difference between Indy and Chicago and were running way early given our 7am leave time. So we stopped at a dairy farm/museum along the interstate called Fair Oaks Farms. It was a great stop because Tessa got to play with some toy cows, eat ice cream at 9am and use the potty. I highly recommend to anyone traveling that way!

Tessa and one of her future husband prospects, Logan
Flashing her panties to the world, I was so proud that she stayed dry ALL day....that is until later that night when she took the biggest poo ever in her high chair at the Outback Steakhouse that was in our hotel. Yeah, it was gross. Oh well.

My friend Elizabeth whose article I posted before, and one of Charley's future wife prospects, baby Jillian.
Some of the group all eating lunch.
Tessa usually does okay in hotels but had a hard time, I guess cause she was so keyed up. It was a long night for everyone including Charley and we found out the next morning...he had a tooth sprout through!!
We had a great diner breakfast before leaving Chicago and decided that given it's proximity we should visit there more often. We took the long route home (no interstate) which took us on Lakeshore Drive through downtown. Beautiful city!

This is what Mommy looks like with minimal sleep, getting some road fuel

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Stephany said...

what a great time you had! so fun to meet up with those online friends - thats how i met many of the girls in RI i'm friends with still.
sorry about the biggest poo ever!
next road trip - RI - it's only 2 days drive from Indy! :) well really one overnight.