Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Charley's Other New Trick

Aside from having two teeth sprout through and getting up on his knees, Charley can (mostly) sit up! Do they always have to go through so many changes at once? sheesh!

I think it's GREAT that he can sit up now, cause he hates laying on the floor but sometimes gets tossed there when I got to jump up and take care of something (like a crazy toddler). Now he can sit up and look around!

The other bonus? He can sit up in the tub with his sister! We still use the sink for both kiddos alot and occasionally the garden tub (with a parent). Due to the bathroom renovations though the garden tub is unusable so I threw them both in the guest room tub. How nice to be able to easily bathe them at once with no baby tub thingy!

(don't worry Mom, nobody's bits are showing)

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