Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just for Farmer Cindy

Today we took a field trip to Mooresville, about 20 or so min away and my old ACA stomping grounds. We went to see my friend and former coworker Cindy at the farmer's market. She had a beautiful display of peppers, blackberries, maters and more.

I need maters and zucchini like a hole in the head but we picked up some blackberries and jalapeno jelly. Tessa was shy when we were there but basically talked all day about going to get blackberries from Miss Cindy.

So we had some for dessert tonight. If only we had some vanilla ice cream around!

When I said 'show me your blackberry' this is what she did....

I know Cindy is an avid fan of the blog, probably one of our most dedicated readers (aside from the Grandparents) so we're just giving a shout out. Your berries rock and we'll come back for more!

The other great thing about taking little trips is that I get a 'break' so to speak. Everyone is strapped up, nobody cries while we are in the car. I can get a coffee, drive and listen to music. Beautiful.

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