Monday, August 10, 2009

Daddy's Finger

Jeremy cut his finger the other day (while putting down the backboard for our bathroom tile project) and had to get a big deal really.

Well he left for CA yesterday and I'm pretty sure Tessa believes he has gone to the doctor for his finger. She keeps talking about it and saying "Daddy's finger hurts" even though he is not here.

At naptime she slept for two hours and then started crying when she woke up. That's not anything strange, sometime she cries when she wakes up sometimes she sings, you never know. By the time I got up to her she was crying pretty hard and calling for Daddy. When I went in she was gasping for breath and saying "Daddy?"..."Daddy's finger?"...."Daddy's finger HURTS, it HURTS". Maybe she was having a bad dream about it?

We called Jer so he could explain that his finger was fine and she's forgotten about it for the moment. Best I can figure she remembers when she had a bandaid on her foot when she lost her toenail and seeing his bandaid brought in some serious empathy. Crazy kid.

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