Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Day Mark!

Saturday was a double party day for us. Tessa's little friend Mattie turned 3, and her cousin Mark turned 6. After Mattie's princess party we headed on down to North Vernon for another great Ward style bbq. The weather was so nice this weekend!

Charley's stud hat that I got at a consignment store for only a couple of bucks
This picture has totally motivated me to pick back up weight watchers cause I look pregnant. Bleck.
Tessa had all kinds of fun with her cousins. Here are her and Ashley behind the wheel.
Sliding with Bob
She had a little bit of an embarassing problem during the party. Just say no to crack! In her defense these jeans used to fit when she wore diapers and that was the first time I had put them on her with only underpants. We need to find a belt!

Charley had fun too, hanging out and eating carrots and babbling

The birthday boy Mark, 6 years old!
Charley got a hand me down helmet that was too small for Mark but well a little too big for him

Uncle Andy showing Tessa the cows up close

Can you believe that as the sun went down we actually needed jackets?? Yay for fall! Charley borrowed one of Bob's....again a little too big
Since it's a kinda long ride home we brought Tessa's Abby Caddaby nightgown...well actually it's a Halloween costume I got on sale last year. She was going through a phase of insisting on wearing it everyday until I established that is was pajamas. Now she knows she can't wear it to church (although I guess that would be cute huh?)

She was pointing at her tummy and saying "I Abby Dabby!"

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phasejumper said...

Looks like fun! I'm loving this weather, too!