Monday, November 23, 2009

I Don't Hate Hayden

Hate is awfully strong word. I would say that Hayden and I are often at odds with each other. I've been accused by my husband, who has a special bond with Hayden, of hating him or being mean.

Why? Because he barks...ALOT. Especially during the kids naptime, at every bird that flies by, neighbors that drives a car or squirrel that farts. He also steals food right out of kid's hands with no apology. He humps people, especially visitors. He pees out of revenge and anger on things he know you love, like your pile of birthday presents or laptop bag. He also has that disgusting anal sack leakage grossness every time he gets overly nervous, which usually happens inside of the airtight car.

Last week I heard Tessa say 'shut up!' for the first time, and not surprisingly it was directed at Hayden's incessant barking. A good reminder for me to control the curse words I often spew at him, little ears are listening.

But he can be a sweet dog. We've had him for 7 years and refer to him as "doctor Hayden" because he knows when someone is sick or tired and cuddles close.Case in point last week Tessa had a bit of a head cold, and I found them on the chair like this, watching Elmo.

Not too long ago I saw "Marley and Me" and identified closely with Jennifer Anniston's character after the birth of their second kid. She had just gotten both kids down for a nap and sat down herself when the UPS truck drove by and Marley barked and everyone was awake and crying. Later that day she told her husband to find a new home for their obnoxious disobedient dog.

And of course that didn't last long because they missed their dog and he went on to live another 10 years as a vital asset to their family. I know that that will be us, if I can remember to stop yelling at him.


Cindy said...

Just look at that sweet, baby face!

The Patterson Family said...

As long as you have the water bottle handy, we're cool!