Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Cuteness Continues

Today at dance class we learned about the recital. So the dance school is so big there will be FIVE separate recitals. All the same but there's just that many classes (the little girls class like Tessa's caps at 10 students). Our recital is on June 4th, and like class itself , it will be half ballet and half tap.

We were all waiting on pins and needles (okay not really) to hear what the theme of each section would be and today it was revealed. The theme of the tap section is Candyland. All songs related to sweet treats. Tessa's class will be wearing bright pink and green outfits and doing the song 'Lollipop'.

Then in the ballet section the theme is princesses. Well you can imagine how excited the little girls were about that. The teacher was trying to show them the book of pictures and Tessa kept saying 'I wike dat one!' For ballet Tessa's class will the the Sleeping Beauty dance. The teacher (Miss Allison) will be Sleeping Beauty and all the little girls will be bluebirds. They have blue outfits with sequins and feathers.

Cute cute cuteness.

To fill the cuteness quota yesterday we put Charley in the wagon and made him ride around.


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Ah ha, you didn't mention anything about the "guest" that popped in for a surprise visit!

phasejumper said...

So cute!