Sunday, November 08, 2009

Our New Addition

Well there it is- our new car. Yup, after 7 years of living as a one car family, we have added to our fleet a hybrid Ford Fusion. We knew the time would eventually come when we needed one, and Jeremy knew exactly what kind of car he wanted. So you all know Jeremy, one day we decided we needed a car, and the next day he was driving it home from Plainfield.

It's pretty cool. It has more bells and whistles than my technologically inept mind will ever use, but I am a fan of the display that show what's behind you as you back up, not to mention the heated seats.

This will be Jeremy's car for the most part (a point possibly proven by the fact that he hasn't let me drive it yet), meaning it will still be spending a considerable amount of time parked in the garage since Jer is either working from home or has flown somewhere.

Tessa approves. We were on our way to Olivia's Princess themed 2nd birthday, hence the Snow White outfit.

this is the shot you get when you stick your camera out the sunroof

We had to clean out the garage a bit in order to make this happen.

It's still a little weird to think of us as a two car family. Not because it's a weird thing, but because we've never done it. We've become very adept at working around each other's car needs, doing the pickup and drop off thing, planning our weekend errands to meet everyone's needs. How strange to think we can each take a kid and go our separate ways, and honestly I hope that doesn't happen very often. Two kids, two dogs, two cars...are we the picture of suberbia or what?


TLS said...

Love it!!!

Woods Branch Farm......... said...

Congratulations, especially since you opted for an AMERICAN car!