Monday, November 02, 2009

Pre Halloween Festivities

Friday Jeremy was still out of town so we decided to head down south to show off Tessa's Snow White dress. First we stopped by Room 42 at Hayden to steal some snacks and visit the 4th graders. Tessa has been there enough times that she just made herself at home drawing on the board, hugging kids and visiting the 5th graders who knew her from last year.

Watching The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and eating popcorn balls with the 4th graders.

Practicing trick or treating at Mamaw Sargent's house

Yup, he's wearing his sister's headband. I gotta do a better job of watching out for Charley's masculinity.

David and Charley with Aunt Becky

Saturday morning we went out to a farm out in the country in Jennings County where they do a huge pumpkin display. We would have gone to see it lit up at night but a cranky toddler and rainstorm kept us in

When we got there they were carving some replacement pumpkins.

Becky is involved in the pumpkin carving. She said she made something like 72 of them this year. Can you believe she did that freehand?
Chilly cousins, including Charley snuggled up on my back

Becky also made the boys dinosaur and duck costumes including the hat Charley is trying on. I requested a couple for Christmas presents. I wish I could say I was artsy like Becky but alas, if I made their costumes one of these years it will be pretty sad (think pillow cases with eyes cut out like in the Charlie Brown movie).

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phasejumper said...

Wow-Becky is super talented...I can't sew at all. I always tell my mom that's the reason why she can never die. I LOVE Tessa's costume it looks way better than store bought! Glad you guys had a good "pre-Halloween"!