Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lake Holiday

As in years past, we made it up to our family lake cabin over the 4th this year. I really think it's the best place in the world to be on the's quiet and not crowded, a great place to swim and ride the pontoon, a beautiful drive through Northern IN Amish country, and fireworks are legal.

I've been coming to this cabin ever since I can remember, so it's like a nice summertime escape to a second home. And for the most part, nothing ever changes.

With our kids, we do the same things my parents and grandparent did with us.

Eat Amish made soft pretzels at Jo Jo's in Shipshewana.
Shipshewana is an Amish town with lots of little shops and it's fair share of touristy stuff, plus the awesome general store where we get our groceries and the roadside produce stands.
And Jo Jo's...Jo Jo's is epic.

Charley didn't think the pretzels were epic (note the force feeding in the background). This was our first indication he wasn't feeling well.

Ride the carousel.

Jeremy thought his horse really needed some vanilla diet coke. Dork.

Play on the deck and visit with Gramaw.

She enjoyed watching the kids run around and play.

Be silly and play.

Sometimes I think we don't schedule enough of that at home.

Put you feet up.

Put your feet up with someone you love.

Get all dressed up to go visit Gramaw's apartment, and watch cartoons on PBS.

Eat at "Ice Cream is Happiness"....another epic establishment.

Indication number two that Charley wasn't feeling well...he didn't eat a single bite of this.

Ride the pontoon!

Our pontoon is a little under the weather, but the nice neighbors let us borrow theirs.


Eat lunch on the deck.

Serve everyone beverages!

Watch fireworks, and set off a few too.

Try your first sprinkler and get eaten alive by mosquitoes.

Summertime is good.

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phasejumper said...

Love the first picture of you and Charlie!