Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Getting Artsy Again

I did "Wine and Canvas" for the third time. I'm really starting to see a trend here. Although I've only ever had one glass of wine...it's usually 'diet coke and canvas' because I have to drive home. Check out my art from January and March.

My friend Stephanie from CA stopped into town for a brief visit. I didn't have any great ideas on how to entertain her, but this was her idea. Perfect for an out of town guest! (except I have to mail her her masterpiece, but that's no big deal).

Stephanie doesn't believe in Facebook or posting her picture online. I'm pretty sure she's wanted by the FBI. But I hope you all understand that if you are my friend, you are blog fodder.

I'm a photo journalist capturing every minute detail of our lives to share with the masses. It's my JOB. Plus I wanna show off my trees.

Blank canvases

Making the trunks wasn't too hard, but adding the foliage scared me a bit. I had to make this face for a while. But then I got in the zone and let it fly. That seems to work best for me.

Halfway done. Yes these are supposed to be CA redwoods, although the artist said she had never been to CA so she wasn't sure what they actually looked like. Steph and I agreed they were good, but the fact that they are right next to a beach is questionable.

I work in a messy style. If you don't believe me, come watch me bake sometime.

My finished trees!

Steph and I with our finished masterpieces. Cool huh? I realize that I've now painted three completely different styles of trees. Next time I should shoot for flowers or a still life. Check out their calender, what looks like fun?

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erin said...

OH! It looks like so much fun! I think the 15th, 24,25 or 27th of August all look good. I could use some new decor for my casa too. Let's get a group of chicks together and go!!