Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Room 42, The Final Tour

Our kids will be attending a different elementary school starting next year and the other night we were at Kindergarten round-up for Charley, exploring the place. When Jeremy and I ventured off of the guided tour to check things like the music room and cafeteria, Tessa was highly concerned that we were going to get in trouble for walking around the school. She literally begged us to take her back to the Kindergarten rooms so we didn't get reprimanded.

I can't blame the kid for being a rule follower, I did train her to be that way after all.

After getting frustrated with her begging, my retort to her was simple...."Tessa, I grew up in an elementary school and I say it's fine!"

I guess there's some truth in that. My Mom is now on her 40th and final year of teaching 4th grade. Always in the same school, in room 42, always 4th grade. At least for as long as I can remember.

I was at Hayden Elementary before and after school every day until I was old enough to drive myself. The staff there was more like a group of aunts and uncles than a bunch of random teachers and aides. The building, as familiar as my own house.

I wonder if these are the kinds of things that only a teacher's kid can understand. School, a second home.

What Tessa and Charley may not realize is that they grew up here too...


So last week on spring break we went down to visit room 42 (since they were in school). We even took Waffle as a special guest. Unless we go out there again to attend a retirement party or help Mom pack boxes, I imagine this will be our last time there.

It's impossible to imagine my Mom no longer being a teacher. I'm sure it's impossible for her as well. But I know she's also excited. Retirement...what every working person is eventually looking ahead to right?

Mom had stationary, a shirt and bag made for this school year that say "Room 42, The Final Tour". Going out in style, just as she should. 

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