Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Pics and a Life Sandwich Revelation

I'm finally getting a chance to sit down at hub's computer and upload some Christmas pictures. A quiet lazy day at home...brought on by my husband's blood spewing case of bronchitis and the mandate that both NYE bowling and worship band rehearsal should be skipped for today. Before anyone worries, he is doing fine. Apparently narcotic drugs turn him into some kind of genius Lego master builder, though.

I do sometimes feel like a severe illness or injury is the only thing that can stop this family from constantly moving, going, doing. And honestly, I think we're all happy that way. We are social busy bodies, just the way God made us.

So our Christmas season was busy. 14hrs in the car spent visiting all the great people we love. Much food and wine consumed, lots of great memories and laughs. And we even performed in a Christmas play along the way. 

Mamaw turned 89. We missed her party due to vision therapy but surprised her the next day with delivery of a chicken dinner, and the kids helped finish the trimming of her tree.

Christmas Eve day at Mom's house included presents, lots of noisy boys and my favorite appetizer- Ro-tel it on the Mountain. Our kindness elf even 'showed up' and gave Tessa her first real bible as his parting gift. (Although he may be planning a return New Year's Day visit and surprise)

Christmas Eve night at the farm. Chaos, food and laughter all wrapped up with a big shiny red bow on top.
Christmas morning at home with the annual 'let's see if we can make Jeremy cry' gift. I always always succeed. 

Post Christmas we traveled up to Elkhart to visit Gramaw, check on the lake and enjoy the swimming pools and mashed potatoes that only an Amish country hotel can offer.

(Mommy forgot waterproof mascara, eh?)

So I had a small realization about 2015 earlier today. We're right in the middle of a life sandwich. We bought our house in Indiana in 2005. Tessa graduates high school in 2025. This is smack in the middle of real adult life.  I'm not sure what that means other interesting observation. It doesn't change anything and I have no pearls of wisdom about it. Other than that we are making an effort to enjoy every minute. 

Including today, a sickly New Year's Eve which for us is mostly focused around movies, snacks, Vernor's ginger ale and drugs for Daddy. And that's just perfect. Happy New Year!

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