Tuesday, May 12, 2015

6 Years- Might as Well Be Another Lifetime

6 Years is how long it's been....since I've been pregnant or had a baby. By the time this guy is born, it will be closer to 7.

And I guess in someways it's like riding a bike. My body so far has remembered what to do, and in fact this has been my healthiest pregnancy to date in terms of energy and illness. As I think ahead to the labor process, it's amazing the dusty details that my brain is able to unearth after all this time. What worked for me and what didn't, what to brace myself for (water and music are my friends, and Jeremy is best not to get in my face too much, even if it's well intended).

There are also parts that my mind has probably glossed over...what it will be like to be up all night with a baby again, or potty training a two year old? Those were all perfectly happy and sane times...right?

We've been doing a lot around here to get ready for baby, but almost all of it has centered around getting US ready...reorganizing closets which led to a reorganization of the office. Basically moving our crap around so we have space for baby crap. One great debate here has centered on whether to keep a guest room a guest room (and have baby move in with their appropriate older sibling with they're older), or to make the guest room into another kid room.

I've flip flopped on that issue almost weekly but I think we have landed on the idea of having three kid rooms, and our visiting guests will sleep in Tessa's room when they come to stay. For now, however, we are setting the crib up in our bedroom...so the transition will not happen for a year or two.

So there's no nursery to set up, just in the corner crib and some space cleared in my closet for a changing table and baby clothes. And that part feels kinda strange. The part where we don't really need much and aren't really setting up a room. Maybe there's a wise part of my dusty memory that reminds me how little you really need at first?....crib, car seat, boobs, cloth diapers, clothes? Sounds about right.

We have all of those things except clothes. Since we are not finding out the sex, we only have about 6 neutral sleepers hanging out in my closet. The clothes shopping is where big sister and Mamaw come in. When they come to meet baby in the hospital, I'd love to give Tessa an envelope with like  $150 and send her and Charley off with Mom to Kohl's or Target or wherever, with one objective....buy your baby brother or sister a full starter wardrobe including a coming home outfit.

I think the kids will really get a kick out of that and will take great pride in their job. Who am I kidding?...Mom will too.

So my list is still very small, which is kind of awesome. We need a new baby swing, a changing pad for my dresser, and nursing bras. The simplicity of that list is nice but also makes me a little paranoid...am I forgetting something important? Is there something else I should doing to prepare like sewing it a quilt? Oh wait, I don't know how to sew.

And I guess that's when I remember that this is the third kid. The one we weren't sure we were going to have. The one we weren't always sure I could carry again. The one who's belongings are already here, stuffed into the attic. The one that everybody is already ready for. 

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