Tuesday, November 17, 2015

My Ladies from Way Back

I'm not sure when our tradition started...I want to say 2007 or so. That's when we started getting together every year to Christmas season to shop, my two friends and I. My two friends from the way waaaay back.

Erin I've known since 3rd grade. That blows my mind to think about because I currently HAVE a third grader. I try to imagine one of her little buddies right now, being her good friend 25+ years down the line. And how they might reminisce about life back in 2015.

And Melissa I've known since 7th grade. We did everything together in high school especially. I have many memories of being at her house and riding around in her green mustang convertible. It even had a car phone, back before anyone knew what a car phone was. 

Now we are all grown up and busy and live in different towns. Between us we have 8 kids ranging in age from 17 years to 2 months old. We are busy busy people. But a couple of times a year we carve out time to shop. Mostly we catch up and talk, but there is also shopping involved. Sometimes with an overnight hotel stay (if there is proper time and babysitting for such a thing). Sometimes one of us is pregnant or there's an infant tagging along, as was the case this past weekend. 
This summer we even finally made time for long weekend at the lake cottage, begging the question..why haven't we done this before? Why don't we do this every summer until we die?

Notice that there aren't any kids in these pictures. That's the deal, and part of what makes it great. No husbands, no kids. Except an occasional baby...

There's something so relaxing and easy about hanging with friends that you've known for SO long. It's like pressing the hold button on a phone call and then picking up right where left off, mid-sentence. I feel blessed to have such old kindred friendships with these two ladies. I think if everyone had relationships like these, there might not be need for expensive therapy.

I guess if someone is reading these who doesn't have good girlfriends in their life, I would advise them to go search some out. Find the time, MAKE the time. It'll be worth it.

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