Thursday, December 14, 2006

It's a.....

That's Baby's head on the right and it has it's hand up like "woe is me". Very dramatic pose for the womb- must take after Daddy.

While I'm sure you're all anxious to hear about the size and shape of Bam Bam's feet and kidneys, what might be more exciting to know is that we found out the sex this morning during our ultrasound.'s a GIRL!!

The ultrasound lady definitely saw a 'hamburger' as opposed to a 'turtle' (as she described it to us) between baby's legs. What a fun job telling people their baby's sex! Everything else on the ultrasound checked out as well- all of the organs are in place and look good, good strong heartbeat and LOTS of movement.

I told the lady that I had a cup of coffee an hour before the appointment and she sarcastically thanked me, because baby was moving around so much it was hard for her to get a picture. Mostly she was playing 'peek a boo' with her hands and making that dramatic pose you see above.

So we are very happy! I've been calling the baby 'she' for several weeks now and look I was right! Sorry to those of you who lost this part of the baby pool...but don't forget to vote for weight, length and due date.

Oh and doc was very happy with my weight- according to his scales I've only gained 1.5 lbs in the last 5 wks (mine says 4 but whatever). So yay on that- especially after my last appointment where I got scolded

We had a cookie party this afternoon at work and I made both pink and blue vanilla bars to unveil the sex. The blue ones are staying home for us to eat- and my coworkers got to enjoy the girly ones. Fun huh?


Stephany said...

I KNEW IT I KNEW IT!!!! Hugs to you both and to the whole family - yeah I have a little girl I get to spoil now!

Jacqueline Knotts said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your little girl!

Erin B. said...

Aunty Erin is SSSOOOOOOO excited!!! I've already been looking at cute little girl clothes to buy :-) Yeah!!