Thursday, December 21, 2006

Literature Downgrade

Well while our plan to read outloud to Pebbles in utero is still underway, it's safe to say we haven't been very consistent. With Jer travelling and other things getting in the way, it's been a low priority.

Also after he's fallen asleep on my twice I've also figured out maybe East of Eden it too big of an undertaking for Jeremy. I tried to warn him it's a long epic novel, and not always action packed. I think he finally knows what I mean.

So we originally wanted to start with Shakespeare but couldn't find our Complete Works book, read several chapters of Steinbeck and now we've landed here......

If you haven't read anything by David Sedaris I highly recommend it. He is a very funny, saterical writer who mostly spins true life tales related to his crazy life and wacky family. I read Naked a couple years ago and passed to Jeremy in hope that this is his kind of book...but alas it has been collecting dust on his bookshelf.

So with the mindset that reading is reading we are forging ahead tonight with the first chapter of this book!

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