Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Christmas Review

Well it's been a while since a blog so we should update! We had a great Christmas break. I got 10 days paid Xmas vacation which is nice. Today is my first day back at work but taking a blogging break! Jeremy took the 10 days too.We didn't travel far this year- no planes anyway.

The highlight real:

-- on 12/23 we went downtown to the Scottish Rite Cathedral with Erin and Dustin and saw our friend Allison in a play version of Miracle on 34th Street. Beautiful facility, great show. Followed by decadent dessert at a restaurant downtown.

-- on 12/24 we spent the day at the farm with Mamaw and all of my family- had a big Christmas dinner and opened presents, etc.

--on Christmas Day we had our own little Christmas morning at our house- our last time without a baby. It was nice and relaxing. Christmas night we went to my brothers which is the super casual dinner...fried chicken and beer

-- 12/26-27 We went up to my Gramaw and Grampaw's in Elkhart, IN for some visiting, more relaxing and more eating

-- On 12/28-29 we had our nephews Mark and Bob (3.5 and 1.5) babysitting and even overnight! It wasn't that bad as they are very well behaved. We went tool shopping at Lowe's, out to the Japanese steakhouse and watched Cars twice!

Since then we have been cleaning out closets to make room for baby stuff, and relaxing and home and watching movies. I'll let our pictures speak for themselves....

3.5 generations of Creech women

12/3/06- our best Christmas 06 picture..that's our big tree!

Christmas at Andy's means fried chicken and beer and I've discovered Odouls is not that bad! The gang frying things in the barn.

Note to self- children like boxes better than the actual toys inside them. Case in point- nephew Bob and cousin Ashley with a room full of real presents to play with.

Visiting Gramaw and Grampaw Sargent...I bet you can guess who is the biggest person in the room!

My two best buds! :)

This can serve as my 23 week side belly shot

Hayden and Rosie say Happy Holidays!

The Gang on the couch- Dad, Andy, Baby Bob and Laura

Bob and I like to do gymnastics on the couch!

A picture of sheer Christmas delight!

In Baby news not alot to report but a few things...

-- Pebbles is moving alot and likes music- she especially dug Dreamgirls which I believe is the first inclination of great musical taste as the sountrack was outstanding! I'm trying to play a variety of good music in the car loud enough that she can hear it- need to stock the car up on broadway and classics, etc. Right now I am trying to ensure she will be a Newsboys fan by playing my favorite new cd alot!

-- I have only gained 18lbs at 24 wks and am pretty happy with that---hopefully I am on track to only gain 35 total. With Xmas parties, cookies at work, and tons of food over break I was happy to see I had only gained 2lbs the whole month of December. Yay!

-- My feet and hands are swollen and my ring now officially lives on a chain around my neck. I figure it's better to take it off than cut it off so..

-- We start birthing classes next Thursday- 2hrs a week for 4 weeks, and an additional nursing class. Wish us luck!!

-- Erin and I working on planning my shower which will take place Saturday, 2/24. For some reason our registry wasn't pulling up online because our name was in all caps...should work now.

Happy New Year!

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