Friday, January 19, 2007

Hospital Tour and More Decisions....

Belly shot- 25 wks, 4 days. Apparently my feet aren't only things swelling- look at that chin!

Well we've had an eventful and busy week. Tuesday we took the 'Breastfeeding Basics' class...yes 'we', because the hospital requests dads to be present for all classes. So Jeremy learned all about it too! It was a good class-- not much new or surprising info but good references. Our teacher was a lactation consultant at St. Francis. So I'm planning to BF for a year if I can..Here's hoping anyway!

Thursday night was Birthing Class #2 including a tour of the hospital and all I have to say is WOW...St. Francis is finishing a remodel of their labor ward and it is nice! I was suprised at the room, called an "LDR" for 'labor, delivery and recovery room"...SO NICE! Every single person gets a private room with bathroom, lots of space, rocking chairs, a fold out bed, tv and dvd, etc. It seems alot less scary now because I'm no longer scared of the hospital. We also learned all about where babies go for NICU, the other parts of the postpardum ward and how to get to the cafeteria :)

We spoke this week about natural childbirth techniques, and next week will talk about drug options...and so far we have concluded that we would like to **try** natural childbirth. Try meaning I want to give it my best shot, if I scream for mercy we may reconsider. Here's what I think:

  • I'm pretty certain I do NOT want an analgesic...these are the overall meds that make you sleepy, like laughing gas at the dentist. I know my tolerance to drugs and I know I would be stoned and I don't want to be.
  • I MAY want an epidural (numbs from waste down) if I really really need it. It scares me though with possible complications, and some women can't even push because they can't feel their 'area' at all.
  • Also with the epidural you are stuck in bed because you can't walk or move your legs. Our birthing coach talked to us about moving,walking and using the yoga ball....and how you're almost guaranteed to have an easier shorter labor if you do those things than lay paralyzed in your bed.
  • This may be crazy and naive and you can laugh if you want- but I think there's something weird and unatural about being stoned and/or half paralyzed for the birth of my child. Basically I don't want to unless I have to. Millions of women have done this- can't I give it a try?

    So Jer and I are going to practice labor breathing, massage and are planning to take my yoga ball to the hospital after we learned some techniques with it.

    **Note- if I change my mind and you see me in the hospital stoned and paralyzed no one is allowed to make fun....I've never done this before so I might change my mind!**

    I know I have mommy blog readers out there- PLEASE share your thoughts or advice on childbirth. It is almost controversial NOT to use drugs, and people think we're crazy. Are we crazy?

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Jacqueline Knotts said...

Laura, You're right, everyone is different... especially in the way our bodies not only handle the pain, but also the meds. Having friends who did it both ways, I had no plans about which way I was going to go with pain management beforehand. Having never done it before, I decided to be open to whatever comes my way. I do say I agree with you about being "stoned" during the delivery, however. Unfortunately, I BARELY remember anything about the day he was born. Not because of drugs... it is just one of those things that I want to remember every detail, and with everything that had gone on, I just don't remember. If I'd been "stoned", I would have remembered even less!! :)

I had the epidural about 4 hours after I got to the hospital, and in retrospect, it was the best choice for me. There are some details and complications with his delivery that I don't go into on my blog, and I won't go into here... but I'm willing to share that with you if you'd like the details about my delivery experience. Being pregnant and anticipating the unknown like you are, I understand if you'd rather not hear about the complications! :) E-mail me if you'd like a candid discussion about MY pros and cons of the epidural, and how it effected my complications. Everything turned out wonderfully, of course!!! :)