Thursday, January 25, 2007

Involuntary Vacation

This is one of those opportunities that doesn't come along every day, and needs to be taken advantage of. Jeremy's company offered him a nice bonus with the stipulation that the money MUST be spent on vacation expenses. He can turn in receipts for hotel, airfare, food and entertainment but they will not accept at receipt for say....Home Depot in Greenwood :) Whatever we do must also have a receipt- no gambling it all in Vegas.

And here's the kicker- the receipts must be turned in by July 1, the end of the fiscal year. We went round and round- do we travel now before I'm too big?..or take Pebbles with us when she is 1 month-6wks old? Hmmm...

So we decided to take the opportunity to have our last ADULT vacation and live high on the hog, eating at fancy restaurants and seeing Broadway shows. Our attitude being- after Pebbles when will we get to do this again? Who knows?! So yes we are on our way back to NYC!!

I will be in Austin, TX Feb 11-17 for ACA's National Conference, then Jeremy and I will scoot of for a 4 day weekend in NYC...hitting just a couple of weeks below the wire for travel approval from doctor (he says no after 34 wks, I will be 31).

Here's what we have planned so far

3 Nights in King mini-suite at the Waldorf Astoria- wowsa! Jeremy promised me one morning of room service breakfast in bed

Sunday brunch at Tavern on the Green- yummy and fun and an NYC land mark

Tickets to 2, maybe 3 Broadway shows depending on energy level. We already have tix to The Drowsy Chaperone and Prelude to a Kiss

Food food and more food- we set aside a chunk of budget to spend on fancy restaurants- the kind of places we cannot eat at in Greenwood, IN. Because honestly, after Pebbles is born who knows when we'll get to these type of places again??

We also will set aside $ for cabs where we would normally walk/subway, with the assumption that after Conference my feet will be swollen and tired. And yes lots of room in the schedule for sleeping in and naps in our fancy hotel room!


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