Tuesday, January 30, 2007


My friend Brook posted about cravings on her baby blog (baby blogs are sweeping the nation-yay!) which got me thinking, I haven't talked about cravings!

Well I haven't wanted anything weird, and only once (when I was sick) did I actually send Jeremy out to get me something. But here are a few things that have treated me well during this pregnancy:

Not normally on my menu...nuggets, strips, fingers...whatever you call them I want them

Pebbles likes calcium- meaning Mama likes cheese!

I moved to sorbets, italian ice or sherbet instead of sweet ice creams. Just tastes better to me now- and usually lower calorie!

Pebbles and I have a bowl of Cheerios or All Bran almost every night- the yogurt kind is the best!

And after Jeremy tried cooking them in the first trimester and I almost tossed my cookies, I still have not quite recovered. So it is safe to say something Pebbles and I DO NOT like is:

Pork Chops- YUCK! :-P

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BrookZ said...

I am with you on the cereal thing! I am not liking the sight of raw chicken, which is causing a problem as I have set it out for dinner and have had to handle it for the past two nights! YUCK