Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Let the bidding begin!

I've found yet another wonderful resource for Pebbles-- Ebay! I go through spurts with Ebay, then I forget how fabulous it is for a while. SO much baby stuff! I had to stop myself from bidding on a set of 4 new dresses, currently at $25...because we have clothes and I'm sure we'll get more.

But here's what I AM bidding on- our first diaper purchase from the Fuzzi Bunz brand. A lot of 6 of these in size small which fits 7lbs-18lbs (adjustable snaps), never used. The cheapest diaper option made even cheaper by Ebay!

You skeptics will see cloth has come a long way. Fuzzi Bunz is a kind of All-In-One meaning you don't need a cover, you just wash this whole thing, and you can stuff with extra padding for a heavy wetter.

We're really looking into the BumGenius 2.0 as well because it fits from size 8lb-35lbs....so basically you buy one lot and you're set until potty training!(and save about $1200 on diapering!).The reviews say these are a little bulky for the little babies though- so we will probably buy these when Pebbles grows out of her size small FB's.

We're very lucky to have a friend at church who does CDing, and we are going to take a 'diaper tour' of her setup. She has lots of different brands to look at. Yay!

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