Sunday, January 14, 2007

Doc's Appt and Birthing Class

We've had a semi-eventful week in baby land with our 25 wk doc's appointment and the start of birthing classes. Next week we continue with birthing class (4 wks total) and are also taking a birthing class! Hopefully we are learning everything you need to know....but I have a feeling there are some things that's cannot be taught!!

The doctor's appointment was short and good. I continue to get high marks for blood pressure, weight gain, and baby's heartrate. I also got clearance from the doctor to attend my company's National Conference- so I will be in Austin TX in February at 30 wks. I'm happy about that- really wanted to go!!

Thursday night was our first in a series of four 'Expectant Parent's' classes. This is held at St. Francis and there are about 12 other first time couples in there. Boy do we look like a scared group!

We covered the basics of early labor, what do to expect, and what to do. I've read alot of this in our pregnancy book, but our teacher has a really dry humor and way of explaining things so they aren't so scary. She also encourages lots and lots of questions.

So things I learned:
-- Contractions themselves are no big deal and I should expect to start feeling them (also we talked about what they feel like). There is only a concern when I start to feel them often, or in a rhythm... who knew!! I'm glad she told us that cause otherwise I would call the doc and freak out if I felt one!
-- Dehydration is the #1 cause of pre-term labor. Who knew? So drink drink drink!
-- You can be gross and examine the placenta with the doctor if you ask to. I only know this because Jeremy raised his hand and asked this question, and now I'm sure our classmates think we're freaks. Apparently docs are more than happy to share gorry details if he wants them, and so Jeremy also let me know in case of C-section he will be peaking over the screen at my innards.

And lastly, to quench any curiosity, yes Pebbles does have a full name which we use at home. But we are choosing to keep in secret until birth so you'll have to keep waiting. If you'd like to make any guesses we're open to them! No it's not Penny Bennington :-)

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