Monday, May 27, 2013

Last Day and Water Play

Friday was Tessa's last day of Kindergarten and Charley and I joined her at school for field day.

Among lots of other games, the kids pulled a pickup truck. See the kid in the middle who's just a little bit smaller than the rest? That was Charley thinking he was a big strong Kindergartener.

The coolness of the big kids didn't stop there. Charley got to have lunch at their table too. I've been there a few times for lunch, but always when Char was away in preschool. He didn't know just how fun lunch could be.

And interesting...did you know that there's a lunchable pack that comes with cold chicken nuggets? Gross right?
First year of school- check!

At the end of the day, I told Tessa that there was a surprise waiting for her in the back yard.
And there was....her Dad and brother armed with squirt guns. Since it was only like 63 degrees on Friday, it was WARM water.

Our water fight lasted about 10 minutes before a very tired Tessa fell down and burst into tears. We got into a warm bath and were in our pjs watching a movie by 4:30.
After a super busy last week of school, I guess we were all exhausted. Thankfully, lots of summer left for water guns.

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