Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mid May Ketchup

I realized last night that this spring I have been slacking on this blog a bit, as well as my other one. We've been busy I guess and man I can't WAIT for it to be summer. I think I'm chomping at the bit more than the kids are. I'm especially like that part where I don't have to do two school drop offs and two school pickups in one day.

Since we got back from Jessie's wedding, we've been up to all kinds of things....

Tessa had a pinewood derby in Kindergarten, in which Jeremy hollowed out her car and filled it with lead bb's and applied graphite to the wheels.

She got into the 'final four bracket', second place in her class. And her final race was so close that they had to do it twice. So close to victory!

Our car was almost a pound but the winning car was even heavier. Next time, more bb's! The point is, she had fun and hopefully learned a little bit about science and cars. Who knows.

Charley's preschool class sang a mother's day song during a church service . The adorableness was captured on film....

Tessa fell asleep during the church service and woke up saying....'man, this church is a lot shorter than ours.' Afterward, we went out for sushi where I enjoyed about three delicious sushi rolls and some Charley hugs.  
Last week Tessa's class went on a field trip to Garfield Park Conservatory. It's this really cool jungle inside complete with bug catching and real plants to take home.
The steamy jungle environment didn't like my camera....
After the conservatory the class went to get frozen yogurt at Ella's, where they also learned all about how yogurt is made. Admittedly, I didn't pay much attention to that part. I was thinking about how good captain crunch would be on top of 3 ounces of red velvet yogurt. I was right.

Other than those things Tessa is about to finish the school year and is also getting ready for her big dance recital. We've also been planting the garden and working a lot outside. Today I even finally learned how to use the riding lawnmower, and I think I liked it a little too much. I was actually sad when our half acre was completed. Shame on my husband for waiting so long to show me how it works....I should have googled it a long time ago.

I also did my sixth wine and canvas last week and have been busy mapping out our summer calendar. I've lost almost 40lbs and am still going strong.

Summer is coming soon but until then, we are busy busy bees and enjoying every minute of it. Stay tuned for lazy hot sun filled days with popsicles, fresh veggies and sunburns.

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