Wednesday, December 11, 2013

1st Grade Christmas Pageant

The first and second graders put on a great show for us last night. And if I thought 20 minutes early was surely enough time to get a good seat, man was I wrong because it was PACKED. So we were parked in last row but had a really good view of our favorite angel.

They did a great job and I couldn't  help but notice Tessa smiling and being expressive when she sang. Maybe that recent trip to Purdue to show her our PMO roots rubbed off on her?

When it was all over we did what any sensible angel would do...found some delicious frozen yogurt to celebrate. And we'll do it all over again on Friday for Charley!

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Jersey Mama said...

Okay, great pics, but my favorite is the family one. Laura, you look FANTASTIC!