Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Kid's First Christmas Show

This past weekend we took the kids to see their first PMO Christmas Show at Purdue. They were finally old enough to sit through it and they did a mighty fine job. PMO is where Jeremy and I met, and dancing on the Christmas Show stage together is where we fell in love. Okay that sounds super cheesy...but it went something like that.

When I tell people that we were in choir in college I sometimes get the 'oh isn't that sweet' kind of reaction, and I immediately know that they don't know much about what PMO is. The Christmas Show itself is a huge deal, since the music hall seats 6,000 and we would do 6 performances on the weekend before finals. That's 36,000 people. And huge awesome sets and costumes. Months of preparations. Almost enough to make you feel like a professional singer.

And then we'd wake up Monday morning and start finals week. Truly exhausting...the hardest I've worked at almost anything I can remember. 

Aside from my actual major, PMO took up my whole life in college. Actually, it often took up more of my life than the actual schooling part! And of course I left with good friends, memories and a tenor husband.

So when we go to campus and start walking towards the hall of music, it's like homecoming.

We have never brought the kids to campus and they were so curious about everything...what is a college, where did you live, what's this building, what's that big thing over there, where's the lunchroom?!

This was our failed attempt at a selfie by the bell tower.

Both kids sat nicely and both dozed off for a bit too but mostly they loved it. It's half secular Christmas songs and half Sacred Cantata, so I always loved how it covered the whole gamut of Christmas music.

This year was the 80th anniversary so they showed a lot of old PMO pictures on the Jumbo-tron and walked through each era of Christmas music starting from the 30's to present.

When it was all said and done, we walked back through the bell tower and over to a favorite pizza joint where I had trouble restraining myself from their world famous cheese-sticks. The kids got shirts from the bookstore and we headed back home.

And now that our big kids can enjoy the Christmas Show, we WILL be there every year from now on with bells on!

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