Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Tooth Face

Someone was talking today on FB about how the new gap in their child's smile looked so big, they wondered how the adult teeth would look. Tessa has had her front adult teeth for a while now and I guess I'm used to her new smile so I hadn't really thought about it...her smile IS much different than it was this time last year.

Those new teeth grew in so big that they have taken over her smile and her mouth barely has room for them. I'm sure as her face changes and grows it will adjust and hopefully we are not looking at the 8 years of orthodontia that I had.

Yes I had braces for 8 years....from age 7 to 15. If you don't believe me, I'm sure my parent's bank accounts will corroborate.

But I'm sure they will also agree that my teeth were in much worse shape than Tessa's. Here's an artist rendering of what my face would have looked like WITHOUT 8 years of braces...

Either way, we can all agree that Tessa's teeth make her look so grown up. Not to mention pretty cute.

Dance Recital of June 2013

Top row toothless, August 2013

Dance picture take in May of 2014.

Can you spot the difference?

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