Monday, June 23, 2014

Bennington Suburban Vineyard- Vortexed

Well this year it looks like there will not be a harvest from our little vineyard. Our vines are very slow to grow and aren't flowering at all.

Usually by Mid- July we have awesome little green grape clusters like these.

But this year, our vines are struggling to reach the first rung of the arbor, and there are no flowers yet to be seen.

What caused such a dramatic shift? That horrible winter we had, specifically the low low low temperatures brought by Polar Vortex. Our area got to around -25 to -30 farenheit. Also known as...just too damn cold.

Earlier in the spring we were worried that they would be actually dead dead, until some vines started slowly growing up from the bottom. On the older 'anchor vines', nada.

So we'll continue to water them and let them grown, then cut back in the fall and bury the root base just in CASE we have another horrible winter. And hope for the best!

In the meantime, Jeremy will have to keep buying those juice concentrate kits.

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