Saturday, July 13, 2013

Bennington Suburban Vineyard- The New Breed

This summer makes the 5th year that we've had our four Cabernet Franc vines. Last fall was our first big harvest. , about 25 gallons of grapes harvested which turned into about 6 gallons of wine. After first planting the vines, it commonly takes a few years before the vine produces a lot of fruit.

And now that we have, it looks like we may be in business!  This year's grapes are doing very well too.

Jeremy did notice something called 'bunch rot' in a few of the clusters and quickly went out to get some spray. Apparently it's a fast moving thing and be contributed to our super wet spring and summer. But hopefully we haven't lost too many grapes to it.

If all keeps going well...more wine making is in our future. Bennington Opus 2?

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