Sunday, July 14, 2013

4th of July at Cedar Lake

We spent the 4th where we always do, at Cedar Lake. Drinking cold beverages, relaxing, swimming and setting off enough explosive to start WW3.

This year we were joined by both Mom and Dad AND Andy and family. The cottage is pretty small for 11 of us but Andy brought along his pop up camper and a tent for the boys, so we all fit just fine. 

5 cousins dressed in red white and blue and most shocking of all...posing nicely for a picture together!

Gramaw broke out for a day and visited with us. 

Tessa knows Andy's secret, he's not as tough as he looks. 

This is the part where the lake turns into a war zone.
At the end of the fireworks display, Tessa and David both fell asleep and had to be carried back up to the cabin. So much excitement.

We stayed for a five day weekend and had a great time. Hopefully we'll get back to the lake another time this summer but I'm not sure when. Only three weeks left!

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